Terms & Conditions

Updated 13/02/2020

Our initial set up fee is $39.00 +gst per debt. Our commission is 23% + gst and it is payable on any payments made to Guardian Credit Services or its clients after the date of instruction. Commission is payable on goods returned.

Please note should the debt go through the Disputes Tribunal or District Court and the outcome is in your favour then the above commission rate is applicable.

The above costs are added to the debt. Should you have terms of Trade for recovery costs, the debtor is liable for these. If you do not have Terms of Trade or, for whatever reason, these are not paid by the debtor, Guardian Credit Services is still entitled to the collection fees. It would be payable by you/the company.

 Please supply the following:

  • Your bank details for all money collected on your behalf.
  • A copy of proof of debt.
  • Confirmation this debt is NOT IN DISPUTE, to the best of your knowledge.
  • Any terms of trade/credit application form signed or confirmed by your debtor.

When the above information is received, we will add this to the case file.

Your debt is now listed with us and in the beginning recovery stage.



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