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Updated 30/10/2020


All charges are in New Zealand Dollars.

Our initial setup fee is $39.00 +gst NZD per debt. Our commission is 23% + gst and administration fee $49 +gst NZD, it is payable on any payments made to Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd or its clients after the date of instruction. Commission is payable on goods returned.

Please note should the debt go through the Disputes Tribunal or District Court and the outcome is in your favour then the above commission rate is applicable.

The above costs are added to the debt. Should you have terms of trade for recovery costs, the debtor is liable for these. If you do not have terms of trade or, for whatever reason, these are not paid by the debtor, Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd is still entitled to all the collection fees, payable by you/the company.

The administration fee payable by the debtor of $49 +gst is taken at the time of the first debtor payment to you as the client. 

The set up fee of $39 +gst is deducted off the final payment to you the client, only upon full payment being received of all outstanding monies owed to Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd by the debtor. If all monies are not paid to Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd then the set up fee will remain with Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd. 

You must notify Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd if a debt has been paid directly to you once you have loaded a debt with Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd. You acknowledge that any debt paid once we have begun our debt collection process, either through our system, or through other means, is the result of our debt collection service and we are due the fee for collection.

Any payments made to our clients outside of New Zealand bank accounts will be liable for any and all transfer fees. 



Upon the set up fee payment $39 + gst being paid to Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd, we will only issue a refund upon a debt be cancelled and written notification being received by Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd within 24 hours of the debt being registered.

After 24 hours from payment being received there are no refunds for cancellation. 

All ‘register a default’ payments of $30 +gst will not be refunded. 

After seven working days upon a debt being loaded with Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd and no set up fee $39 +gst has been paid the debt will be removed and no chasing will commence. 


The Use of Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd

Please supply the following and load it against the debtor in your account:

Your bank details for all money collected on your behalf.

- A copy of proof of debt.

- By accepting these terms and conditions you are confirming this debt is NOT IN DISPUTE, to the best of your knowledge.

- Any terms of trade/credit application form signed or confirmed by your debtor.


You acknowledge to manage your online account and ensure that you include, and update, any required information of the debtor in order for us to provide our services effectively.

You acknowledge that Guardian Credit Services is a service which supports debt collection activities and only collects upon those debts you yourself have approved within the system.

Only upload debts which are overdue debts and for which you have written evidence of existence, for example, invoices and/or proof of product or service delivery.

You agree to supply Guardian Credit Services with a valid, New Zealand bank account into which we can pay any and all monies collected on your behalf, minus collection fees as previously mentioned. 

You agree to allow Guardian Credit Services to arrange payment terms on your behalf. 

You agree to immediately update your details within the Guardian Credit Services system if you change your name, trading style or proprietorship from that which is specified in the system.

Unless we hear written notice within 24 hours to cancel the debt collection process or we do not receive payment for the set up fee of $39 + gst within seven working days, your debt is now listed with us and in the beginning recovery stage.

You agree to receiving monthly newsletters which update you on website improvements and general Guardian Credit Services news. If you chose to opt out of these newsletters, please note you may miss out on updated new features when they come live.



All information regarding creditors and debtors details will not be shared with any third parties. The only exception is when instructed to register a default against a debtor with Equifax, Centrix or the information is required for legal proceedings. Please see our privacy policy here: https://www.guardiancredit.co.nz/privacy-policy.



All charges on this website are outlined on the website. 

This website may provide links to non-government websites. Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd is not responsible for the currency or accuracy of content on such websites and the inclusion of such links does not imply endorsement by Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd of the linked website or its owner.

Guardian Credit Services 2019 Ltd is New Zealand Owned and Operated. 



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