Pricing that works for you

Recovering your debt could cost you nothing!

The only cost to you is the $39 + gst set-up fee. But we do everything in our power to get the creditor to pay the set-up fee as part of their debt payment, meaning you can collect your debts free of charge.

You pay

"The Creditor"

Easy online payment $39 plus gst

In many cases this is refunded to you once the debtor pays.

They pay

"The Debtor"

Total debt owed

Commission of 23% plus gst on top

Admin fee $49 plus gst

Set up fee $39 plus gst

What do you charge for debt collection?

We have a set-up fee of $39 plus GST per debt. Our commission is 23% plus GST on any debts collected. We operate on a No Collection, No Commission basis so if a debt cannot be collected, you won’t pay any commission. 

What area do you collect debts in?

We collect debts anywhere in New Zealand. 

Are there any upfront fees or sign up charge?

Only the $39 plus GST set up fee, which is payable by card on our website.

Do I need to sign a contract?

We ask you to agree to our Terms & Conditions. These can be viewed here Terms & Conditions. Once a debt is loaded in the system and payment has taken place, this is deemed as acceptance for Guardian Credit to pursue your debt.

Ready to collect your debt