Debt Collection FAQ's

How can we load a debt to be collected?

It’s easy! Simply sign up on our website, and once you have accepted our Terms & Conditions, you can login to your account and load each debt for collection. 

Is there a limit on the dollar amount placed for collection?

The lowest amount we take on is $500. For smaller debts we encourage you to use

How far can you go back on accounts needing payment?

Ideally, we encourage bad debts to be registered with us once they reach six to eight weeks old, as it’s easier to collect debts under six months. However, we have collected debts that are up to six years’ old. 

What do you charge for debt collection?

We have a set-up fee of $39 plus GST per debt. Our commission is 23% plus GST on any debts collected. We operate on a No Collection, No Commission basis so if a debt cannot be collected, you won’t pay any commission. 

Do I need to sign a contract?

We ask you to agree to our Terms & Conditions. These can be viewed here Terms & Conditions. Once a debt is loaded in the system and payment has taken place, this is deemed as acceptance for Guardian Credit to pursue your debt.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in the debt collection business since March 1995 and have over 25 years of collection experience.

Do you sue debtors?

Only after discussing this with you and receiving your written authorisation. 

Are there any upfront fees or sign up charge?

Only the $39 plus GST set up fee, which is payable by card on our website.

Is there a minimum number of debts I need to have?

No, we can collect on one debt, or many. 

What area do you collect debts in?

We collect debts anywhere in New Zealand. 

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